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As sad as it may sound, front ends are only placed on Archaic Ruins if they are 'invited'. The reason is simple, front ends one of the least important software types in emulation. While they may be very useful, the majority of front ends are cheap and don't get updated for long. While this is a stereotype, many front ends are carried by Archaic Ruins including MAME Manager, which in Chris's opinion is the most intelligent and useful front end. I'd suggest for every user that has loaded this page up (and bothered to read this) to download MAME Manager.

File descriptions are not yet complete since some zany co-maintainers added very ambiguous and meaningless descriptions that could easily be appended to the end of any front end.

MAME Manager MAME Manager is an incredible front end for MAME that will not only run games from ZIP files, but categorize them, check their authenticity, create lists of games that you lack, and most importantly, MAME Manager will update itself whenever a new version of MAME is released. Perhaps MAME Manager is the first of many intellegent front ends that are actually decently programmed.
TEMU includes Sound Blaster mixing and mouse support.
Universal ROMs Launcher (URL)
"URL is an universal frontend for dos, based on a file manager.

"You don't like frontends? You prefers batch files? So URL was designed for you. It is 100% customizable and you can do almost everything with it. Try it, and only after, if you still don't like frontends, then please send me an e-mail and tell me WHY. My goal is to make it better (better than the best, it may be difficult =)). Also, please notice any bugs (most of them were fixed thanks to users' mails)." URL has the following features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • 100% universal - able to support any emulator
  • Fast and flexible
  • Scripting language, used in particular cases
  • Use individual ROM data and parameters
  • Full ZIP support (including browsing)
  • Internal ROM name recognition
  • Configurable list generator
  • Mouse support
  • Customizable Ratings System
  • Browser inside =)
  • and more..

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