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IPS Patcher +Plus
"IPS Patcher +Plus is a program that will patch any ROM Image with any specified .ips patch."
IPS Patcher for MacOS
Released on October 23, 1997, IPS Patcher fills a void in the MacOS emulation scene for an IPS Patcher. With IPS Patcher, MacOS users can finally enjoy translated or edited ROMs, thus making MacOS ROM hacking much more accessable to Macintosh users.
IPS Patcher for Unix
"This will allow you to apply .IPS patches to ROM files. Useful for applying cracks, trainers, etc. I was unable to find a stand alone IPS patcher for Unix, so I made one. This utility can accept IPS and IPS2 patches."
Univeral Console Utility
UCON has been a widely used IPS patcher even before the emulation scene existed, when ROM piracy using copying utilities required copy protection fixes. First released on December 3, 1993, UCON was originally used by groups such as Anthrox, Elitendo, and Damaged Cybernetics to distribute cracks and trainers. UCON also has the ability to convert Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis ROM images between many formats used with copiers including .SMC, split disk format, .FIG, and .SWC. Many other fixes can be performed with UCON including setting a ROM as a HiROM or LoROM cartridge and editing header information.
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