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Yoshi's NES Document
"At the time this document was created, there was only one piece of literature covering the internals to the NES: Marat Fayzullin's documentation, otherwise known as "NES.DOC".

"While Fayzullin's documentation was lacking in many areas, it provided a strong base for the basics, and in itself truly stated how complex the little grey box was.

"I took the opportunity to expand on "NES.DOC," basing other people's findings, as well as my own, on experience; experience which has helped make this document what it has become today. The beginning stages of this document looked almost like a replica of Fayzullin's documentation, with both minor and severe changes. Marat Fayzullin himself later picked up a copy of my documentation, and later began referring people to it.

"Keep in mind, without Marat's "NES.DOC" document, I would have never had any incentive to write this one.

"The goal of this document is simplistic: to provide accurate and (as oxymoronic as it sounds) up-to-date information regarding the Nintendo Entertainment System (and Famicom)."

NES ROM Funtionality Chart "This is a functionality chart for all of the NES ROMs I currently own. It lists the memory mapper used by each game, and compatibility with various emulators. Keep in mind that I have personally cleaned up the utility tags and mapper settings in many ROMs to improve functionality. Feel free to e-mail me any comments, suggestions, or ROMs that aren't on this list. I will not add any ROMs to this list that I have not personally tested."

"I highly doubt that the memory mapper list is totally, 100% accurate. If anyone has any changes or corrections as far as mappers go, or anything else to improve performance or functionality for any of these ROMs, don't hesitate to let me know."

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