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Nintendo ROM Level Editors

Castlevania Edit
This edits Castlevania 1, works the same way as the Metroid Edit, and even works like the rest of Ken's editors. If you don't have these or use these you should give them a try, they are all good editors!
Dragon Warrior Town Editor
Just as the name says. The documentation is short and uninspired... this edits towns.
Final Fantasy 1 Improvement
"Well as you might have guess from the name this is a Final Fantasy 1 for the NES overworld map editor. It is one of the best editors I have ever been a part of or seen for that matter. You edit the large overworld map tile by tile as opposed to Zelda Improvements line by line usage. On the bottom of the screen you will find the 128 overworld map tiles that are used with the game itself. It is as simple as to move to the point on the map you wish to edit, right click on a tile on the bottom and then right click on the point of the screen you wish that tile to be and it will happen. Please it sounds simple but READ THE README.TXT included with the release for the detailed directions there are easier ways to do this editing, but I will leave the explanation to the readme.txt so you will actually read it. At any rate I think you will agree with me that this is one of the best editors out there right now. To top it all off .. this was coded by _Demo_ yes ..of 3-02-98's ZI and of course zsnes fame. He made Final Fantasy Improvement in 1 day folks! Enjoy!"

This was the third release in the 'improvements' series and the first one ever to edit the maps of an RPG!

Flash Tecmo Editor This editor lets you edit team names, player names, player stats, and much more. This is a must have if you always wanted to make the perfect NES football team with your own names, stats, etc.
Ghosts 'N Goblins Edit
This edits the levels in Ghosts 'N Goblins, so you can make your own levels the way you've always wanted them, also has mouse support for disfunctionally keyboarded people.
Goonies II Edit
What do you think this does? Your right, it edits Goonies II levels. Actually, it is another great editor from the one and only SnowBro, let him know if you like this editor and all his others for that matter!
Gunsmoke Edit
A new editor for that great shoot-em-up, Gunsmoke. It works much like the rest of Ken Hanson's editors so if you've used his others it should be no problem to use.
Kid Icarus Edit
The Kid Icarus Edit edits the screens one by one, they can be changed to make a completely new game. Lets see what kind of adventure you can come up with for everyone's favorite cherub.
Mario Improvement
A pioneering new type of ROM hacking utility is now available! A Super Mario Bros. Level Editor! With an easy to use interface, editing levels to Super Mario Bros. is a snap! Enemies cannot currently be remapped, but obstacles and pipes can. This is an impressive entry to ROM hacking!
Metroid Edit
This is the editor everyone's been waiting for; at least some of us have. MetEdit is not done yet, right now all you can change is the screens in the game. The screens are reused often so this makes editing tricky. In the final version Ken hopes to have the ability to completely edit the levels of the game, making new adventures with a different map of the game and playing them is something to look forward too.
RBI Baseball Manager

Tecmo Super Bowl Manager
"TSBM is simply a piece of software that can open up the ROM image of Tecmo Super Bowl and retrieve useful information from it. It then allows the user to edit the data to his own liking. Some people use it just to give QB Bills, QB Browns, and QB Eagles meaningful names. Others use it to update the rosters to the current rosters. If you are familiar with 'Emulation', then you will have no problem under- standing what TSBM does. If you are not fluent with 'Emulation,' then I recommend that you do some research on it yourself. No member of Flash EmuWare will respond to general (yes, stupid) questions on a such broad topic as 'Emulation.' A good starting place for the bewildered person is"

Wrecking Crew Edit "This editor works pretty much exactly like the built-in level editor in Wrecking Crew. Why did I bother to make an editor for a game which already has one, you say? Well, the built-in editor in Wrecking Crew had some annoying problems: You couldn't edit the original game levels (1-100),and the "Save" and "Load" functions were totally bogus! Also, those of you who played with the built-in editor probably remember another "bug": there has to be a breakable wall in your level, otherwise the game will just skip to the next level. CrewEdit can't fix this last problem (since it has to do with the game engine itself), so keep it in mind when you're designing levels." -SnowBro
Zelda Improvement
Zelda Improvement is a newly released takeoff of the old Mario Improvement SMB1 ROM editor, designed to improve Zelda 1. This does not have a lot of notable features yet, as it is newly released, but there is potential.
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