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Nintendo ROM Formatting Tools

CajoNES is similar to NESImage, one of the first ROM editors available, but differs in the way that it includes more mappers and the ability to convert NES images to both FAM format for Famicom (and obsolete emulator), and PRG/CHR format for PasoFami!
iNES Convert
iNES Convert is a simple utility to join PasoFami formatted ROMs into .NES formatted ROMs.
iNESMode is a simple utility to edit the headers of NES .formatted ROMS.
NES Image
NES Image is currently the most popular NES ROM header editor used by ROM distributing groups such as the late Damaged Cybernetics and Ghost in the Machine. Unfortunately, with the new release of NESticle, many options are not available with NES Image that are necessary forcing users to use a combination of NESticle's ROM editor and NES Image.
tniNES tniNES is a powerful ROM formatter utility with an easy-to-use interface. It does most anything any other ROM formatters will do, and is very easy to use and small in size.
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