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Nintendo ROM Sprite Editing Tools

NES Screen Arranger
"NSA is a development tool for NES programmers. It lets you load a .CHR file and an accompanying NES palette, arrange the tiles on the screen, and select the appropriate 4-color palette for each 2x2 tile grid. Great for making title screens and other fullscreen artwork, where you need to piece together a great amount of tiles and view the graphics in all their 4-bit glory."
"Nexedit, quite simply, is a basic Hex editor, with some special goodies + tools designed for hacking S/NES roms."

These special goodies would include text and sprite editing using XLate tables and .CHR files. The author states that his program is crappy when compared to NESticle's sprite editor in his own documentation. Perhaps he'll find a reason for releasing a new version...

TileEater TileEater is the first MacOS based sprite editor for NES ROMs! I have not tried, or seen TileEater functioning, and am without information to enter here.
Tile Layer
TileLayer is one of those great utilites that you just can't live without. It is a NES/GB/SMS/VB/SNES tile editor and a good one at that! Can edit two roms at once, flip tiles verically and horizontally and the ability to change an entire games looks should be enough for you to get this program.
" UNIROM is an universal rom editor. It can handle DTE (Dual Tile Encoding) And a special other encoding using two HEX values to print a word. The only limit to UNIROM right now is that it can not edit the Sprite and BG data contained in roms, but that doesn't really matter, since NAGA exists. UNIROM also features an INI file with support for changing the most common options. It also features a cool quitting screen and a .gif logo/title screen. All 'coolie' GFX effects can be turned off thorugh the INI file. It now also handles Script dumping, which is an almost essential feature for a good ROM text editor."

X-Char X-Char is a versatile sprite editor written by BiGWiERD. The latest releases of X-Char are quite fast. NES, Gameboy, and SNES editing are supported, making X-Char the most useful editor available!
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