Rygar Improvement
Chris Hickman
ROM Hacking by Jay McGavren
"I've always been thrilled by the idea of level editors! After seeing Mario Improvement, Zelda Improvement, Final Fantasy Improvement, and a new Dragon Warrior level editor, I wanted to make my own :-).

"Jay McGavren has been giving me the information on where I need to edit from, so this should all be pretty easy :)"


v1.01 - 07/25/98

  • Crash bug fixed when input and output files are the same
  • Misc. Areas offset added... (ugh... reused areas)
  • Includes Rygar Improvement Demo v0.9 (Thanks Jay!)
v1.00 - 07/22/98
  • Fourth (and final) PCX set added!
  • Second PCX set completed (9F.PCX added...) :)
  • Command line options for selecting input / output files added!
  • Keyboard support added to the GUI by Jay's request. (Bah!)
  • Fixed the age old bug that caused the output file to gain excess bytes!

Download Rygar Improvement
Rygar Improvement for MS-DOS [Jay's Support Page]
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