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Super Nintendo Sound Extracting

"SNESSOR is a SNES SOund Ripper for MS-DOS, written solely by me, in DJGPP. I wrote everything myself, including the SB16 driver."


  • Can search .SMCs(or any other file) for SNES-type sounds
  • Can play each on command, at the selected speed
  • Can save each separately, or all at once
  • Can write to WAV and SND files
  • Can replace any one sample with your own WAV file
"As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been done before, but frankly I'm not really sure why. There seem to be a lot of people that like the idea, it wasn't that hard to do, and would have been even easier to just incorporate into a SNES emulator to begin with. Oh well, until that happens, you have SNESSOR. :)"
SPC Play
"You may be asking yourselves, what exactly IS SPCPlay? SPCPlay is a music player for SNES saved states, coded in 100% 32 bit assembly. It can play music from either a standard save state generated by ZSNES (.ZS*), or an SPC saved state (.SPC).

"Many of you have been wondering why the soundtrack can't just be ripped out of any SNES ROM. For those of you that have tried Butcha's SNES sound ripping utility, SNESSOR, you will notice that you can only rip sound samples.

Here's why.

"Stored in an SNES ROM are samples, much like the way MOD files store them except they are compressed. These compressed 16 bit samples can be a violin, a harp, maybe even a moaning voice. The SPC700 is a CPU which executes a sound program code to play these samples, for how long, what pitch, and so forth and the 65816 is the main CPU of the snes which is responsible for transferring the program code to the SPC700. Now the problem here is that there is no reserved place in the game rom for the sound program and detecting where the program code data is located isn't easy. Many programs also require a double transfer such as the 65816 first transfers the code to the spc700, then after some spc700 execution, it then transfers some other code or data. So at the moment, the best way to capture spc700 code is to capture them right when the song starts in the actual snes emulation."

ZDSPC "Try ZDspc out for yourself, it sounds crisp, lots of bass, and you can customize it perfectly. : ) Its a little CPU hungry... but not that bad... and I hope to get it better soon."

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