gofundme campaign successful

I’m very happy to announce the gofundme I setup to raise funds for the site to remain online was very successful! As of this writing we have raised $250 (which is MORE than we even needed!) which will keep things squared up for the next two years!

I do greatly appreciate all of the support from donors and users alike. This is a wonderful community, and I’m proud to be involved in even the remotest way.

I’d like to thank all the donors thus far (in no particular order): Jarrod Johnson, James Llyod, Joseph Boyd, Stefan Stockinger, Zoe Blade and Laurent Raufaste. There is more donors, but they wish to remain private (according to the gofundme page at least), and I’d like to thank them as well!

I truly appreciate all the support and all of the well wishes everyone has sent. Thank you all for everything!

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    1. Reminds me, I’ve a planned blog post on how to make a similar dev environment so others can create their own custom builds and also gain the speeds achieved with my builds!

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