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Contained here is our 'morgue', so to speak, of past updates. Some links may work, some may not. The purpose of providing you with this history of releases is purely for your entertainment (and so that you can bet your friends money that certain emulators are really that old).

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FEBRUARY 28, 1999

Gameboy Wars 2 v0.992 released! Download
TransBRC has released the final beta of the Gameboy Wars 2 translation. This is a nice war strategy game for gameboy color. Any bugs should be reported to Blibber. This is his 4th complete translation release this month! He has really out done himself.

FEBRUARY 25, 1999

Hello Kitty World v1.0 released! Download
Hello Kitty Kicks Ass Translations have released their 100% complete japanese to english translation of Hello Kitty World for the nes. Enjoy! (Expect the translations section to be updated in a matter of days)

ADAMem v1.0 released! (MS-DOS) Download - Source
This is a few days old but I'm slow so forgive me.
  • Replaced sound files and improved sound emulation
  • Replaced Marat Fayzullin's Z80 emulation code with Z80Em. Z80Em is a portable Z80 emulator, written by myself.
  • Improved ADAMNet emulation
  • Replaced the colour palette. The palette used in older versions can still be used with the "-palette 1" option
  • Added parallel port emulation
  • Added expansion RAM support
  • Added snapshot support
  • Added 80-column TDOS support
  • Added cheat-code support
  • Added reverb and stereo support for SoundBlaster Pro and SoundBlaster 16 compatibles
  • Fixed some minor bugs

FEBRUARY 24, 1999

Confederated Translation Company
Archaic Ruins is now hosting the Confederated Translation Company. They do a lot of good things for the translation and hacking scene. We are proud to give them a home for their website. Thanks Chris ;)

Archaic Ruins
Geeze... the moment I say ANYTHING, the entire staff disappears :). Anyway -- I did another little revision to straighten things out. I hope ya'll like the new layout of the news page -- it's much less boxy and the contrast is awesome IMHO :)

FEBRUARY 23, 1999

Archaic Ruins
News Page Rehaul
You may remember me as the guy who used to run Archaic Ruins :). It's a long story about what has been going on in my life, but I thought I'd step in for a second to make AR look half decent under MSIE v4.0. Sheesh... I have been feeling pretty sorry for Win98 users who are using MSIE v4.0 since the alignment is screwy... the front page and news pages are now in a new format... more simple... more eye pleasing... better contrast... :)

FEBRUARY 21, 1999

NESWorld, EMUNews, and ClassicGaming
I was asked by TuxedoMsk to post this mail, which he sent to Jim Pragit, here to inform more people of what ClassicGaming.com does to the sites they host. Read and enjoy:

"You may or may not find this to be a shocker but what they have done to you is not a first in the lowness classicgaming.com will stoop to get someone to join their web of deception.  About the exact same time last year when you moved over they came after us at NES World too.  Like you they registered the hostname for us www.nesworld.com and tried to con Martin of NES World to move over.  Needless to say we got very aggravated at this and like with you they refused to do anything about it unless we moved over to classicgaming.  I'm sure you are aware of the policies of uploading content to the server and we didn't like that among other stuff and refused.  And like you the domain stuck for awhile.  Also in case you were wondering I know Zophar from IRC and am the one at the time that found out about your domain business with ours and reported it to him.  I like you tried to be kind and sort out our differences with classicgaming, but Fragmaster in so many words told us to piss off.  Anyways we(I) got the last laugh and got the nesworld.com domain removed with a few dirty tactics.  To be brief I emailed classicgaming's host and about 6 video game companies about "the Dump" shockingly the page was on/off line for a week and still now you can't download much of anything from there.  Well that did get the domain taken and we still hope shortly to get it registered on our own.  I thank you for your time and hope you found my small rant entertaining, so please don't feel alone it happens to the best of us

NES World Co-Editor

The above e-mail was taken from Emulation Happenings.

As of now EMUNews has been deleted from ClassicGaming.com and has been replaced by a note from fragmaster. I'm not posting his note here for fear of wasting web page space but if you click here you can read it for yourself. EMUNews is now located at the URL mentioned below but will not be updated for a few days while Jim gets some things figured out.

Emu News Service
An announcement has been placed on Emu News by Jim Pragit stating numerous issues regarding the domain name www.emunews.com (which happens to lead to ClassicGaming's home page). The post goes to state of how Jim tried to get CG to sell him the domain name but they would not reply. Jim is now moving Emu News back to it's old URL at: http://members.aol.com/emunews/. For the full story, go to Emu News. Also Matt Conte, the author of Nofrendo, has taken his page down and refuses to support ClassicGaming.com any longer.

RockNES v0.73 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Removed detection if there are +than 8 sprites at current scanline, which was breaking Rambo and others (Zelda2 has perfect title screen again);
  • Re-adjusted the NES RAM size (Zelda was hanging);
  • Fixed joypad bugs and some others.

PC Engine
HU6280 v1.89 Beta 6 released! (Win9x) - Download
  • Improved detection of usa roms, now SPACE HARRIER (USA) & LEGEND OF HEROTONMA (USA) work ok.
  • 'Final Soldier Special Version' (JAP) now runs ok.
  • Added Detection of supergrafx roms (taste the message!)
  • Fixed a dirty bug in shutdown code... :) should leave your system sweet after a shutdown now... :)

PC Engine
PCEID v0.99b released! (MS-DOS) - Download!
  • Currently recognizes 513 roms.
...that was the best I could come up with for being new. =) Anyways, PCEID is a PC Engine ROM identifier. A page for PCEID is not yet up, but rest assured, I will have one up within a day.

DarcNES v990220 released! (Linux) - Download
  • A new release.
  • Worked on FDS emulation all week. It still doesn't work.
  • Doubled PCE CPU speed (I still don't have the correct speed).
  • Added preliminary PCE raster counter.
  • Fixed PCE background tile address mask.
  • Added preliminary PCE course horizontal scrolling (the starwave demo from the MagicKit assembler package looks better).
  • Added size checks to sms/gg detection (now small rom files don't crash the emulator as easily).
  • Added some hooks in the NES I/O emulation (this will allow emulation of mappers that use the $4018-$7fff range).
  • Stating what should be obvious: If you want email when a new version of DarcNES is released, send email to majordomo@dridus.com with the line "subsrcribe darcnes-announce <your email address>" in the body of the message.

iNES v1.0 released! (MacOS) - Download
John Stiles brings his port up to date with v1.0 and includes a little extra:
  • adds better mapper handling

RockNES v0.72 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Fixed an internal problem. All RockNES features are working again.
  • Compiled with a newer Make.
Thanks to Zoop of Emulation Camp for the news.

Nintendo 64
TrueReality v19990216 released! (Unix) - Download
This is really a few days old but I just forgot about it.
  • corrections in amiga port
  • minor corrections in rdp

FEBRUARY 20, 1999

RockNES v0.71 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
Here's whats new in the newest release from Fx3:
  • Compiled with the new Allegro 3.1, which was compiled with pgcc
  • Fixed NES RAM size (too big)
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs, like unused variables.

Turbo Grafx 16
HU6280 v1.89 Beta 5 released! (Win9x) - Download
  • Added a .ini file, edit this for your own custom settings... (rompath,savegamepath,screenshotpath and sound options)
  • much more friendly loading and saving games... (assumes a nice filename)
  • much more friendly saving screenshots (assumes a nice filename)
  • Fixed a memory leak

FEBRUARY 19, 1999

Neil Bradley interviewed and Bleem gets facelift...
Hello, nothing really to update today (yet) but I'll be gone for hours tonight so here's what you get for now. Neil Bradley of Retrocade fame was interviewed by Jose Q's EmuViews today. Check it out, it gives information about the upcoming windows version. Also the Bleem web site got a facelift and mentions that the public release of Bleem is not that far away. I can't wait to see that emu work it's magic. That's the news for now, more news every hour ten minutes to the hour only on AR News. :)

Also, I put up a new index page to bpwl.com, it seems the old one was deleted long ago (maybe by me when I first started here?). Anyway I put it back for the most part the way it used to look (I added my own little comments for each site). So now all of you can actually see what is on this server. Don't say I didn't warn you though...

FEBRUARY 19, 1999

 ¤ RockNES v0.70 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
I don't know if the version put up earlier was the fixed exe so I re-uploaded it with the good one. If anyone downloaded RockNES earlier today please re-download it. Also, staff members please delete old versions of programs when you put up a newer version. Thanks.
  • Mid-HBlank writes fixed (or almost perfect);
  • PPU Name Table setting fixed;
  • Some changes in the NES interrupt code for a better PPU support;
  • Major changes in the CPU/PPU functions (Read/Write);
  • Fixed scrolling problems (works ok);
  • IRQ emulation fixed, now you can see raster effects, for example;
  • Detection if there are more than 8 sprites at current scanline;
  • Fixed a palette color bug (Darkwing Duck now works fine);
  • Added Mapper #78 (untested, but probably it works);
  • Mapper #68 fixed (AfterBurner 2 works fine, thanks Nyef);
  • Mapper #66 fixed and working;
  • Mappers #21 and #25 merged (partial support, bad for now);
  • Fixed some bugs in the Mapper #16 (not working yet);
  • Fixed a minor Mapper #7 bug;
  • Fixed a problem with Mapper #1 (MMC1);
  • Auto search for a valid gfx mode if the selected isn't supported;
  • Added Game Genie codes support;
  • Fixed RockNES shutdown (when you quit to DOS prompt);
  • Fixed problem with '-nosound' option (no more crash when you quit);
  • RockNES startup messages changed;
  • Added '-info' command line option to show information about the ROM;
  • Removed '-revmirr' command line option (bah);
  • Fixed a stupid problem with gamepad/joysticks (working again);
  • 6502 working with non-decimal mode;
  • Fixed minor bugs in the 6502 emulation core;
  • Changed the source around a lot making a GUI now possible;
  • Working Super Mario Bros.3 *perfectly* :-P

¤ DarcNES Page Up!
Just to let you know that the DarcNES page is now up!

¤ DBoy v0.44c released! (MS-DOS) - Download
Once again DBoy is updated. Not much is new but BouKiChi is making progress. My update is late tonight because I needed to get away from this computer before I went crazy. So I went out with some friends and played cards. I'm not as dedicated as the author of DBoy is.

"I have found that you can find happiness in slavery." - If anyone can tell me what that quote is from you can consider yourself better than the rest.

FEBRUARY 17, 1999

¤ DBoy v0.44b released! (MS-DOS) - Download
No Comment. Here's what's new translated by Steven Livingston and stolen by me from Zophar's.
  • fixes a MBC3 and MBC1 bug.

PC Engine
¤ HU6280 v1.89 Beta4 released! (Win9x) - Download
  • Added Load/Save state on F5/F6
...and Yes this is all the README says is new. =)

Super Nintendo
¤ ZD-SPC v1.81 released! (Win9x) - Download
  • Added accelerators to ZD-spc
    • z = rewind
    • x = play
    • c = pause
    • v = stop
    • o = open f2 = audio settings
    • alt+f3 = ID666 editor
    • f4 = about
    • f5 = skin selector
    • alt+e = playlist
    • end = ..... end.. :D
  • fixed some timer bugs
  • changed many menu's
  • forgot to give credit to JViper for the new skin... thanx!!
  • other small things

¤ DarcNES v990214 released!
Download - (Linux) - (MS-DOS)
DarcNES is a multi-console emulator for MS-DOS and Linux. Currently it emulates the Sega Master System, Game Gear, and as the name implies, the Nintendo. It also has preliminary support for the Turbo Grafx 16. Currently we do not have a page sat up for DarcNES(I haven't the time right now). But I promise there will be one up sometime tomorrow. And without further delay, here is what's new:

MS-DOS v990214:

  • Implemented proper video_setsize() function.
  • Because of the above, some PC-Engine demos (and some games) are working!!! Double Dungeons is playable, and Jamanoid shows the title screen/level select.
  • Modified screenshot code to capture only the game image, not the whole screen. Now NES/TG16 screenshots are 256*240, and SMS ones are 256*190
  • Now the video code detects correctly wich system is being emulated, and selects the correct size for the game screen. So, there's no garbage at the bottom of the SMS screen anymore.
  • The rest is from the Linux 990214 version

Linux v990214:

  • Moved NES memory and I/O emulation from asm to C.
  • Started looking at FDS emulation.
  • Squashed some warnings (thanks to Michael Vance).
  • Added XShm support to the XWindows driver (thanks to Michael Vance).
  • Added GTK UI for XWindows (thanks to Michael Vance) (I have been unable to test this).
  • DarcNES now has mailing lists! (darcnes-announce and darcnes-devel, both via majordomo@dridus.com. thanks to Dridus).

FEBRUARY 16, 1999

¤ LoopyNES Beta released! (MS-DOS) - Download
A new beta version has been "quietly" released on the LoopyNES homepage (You have to click on the "L" in loopynes). There is no information about what is new available. So try it out for yourself. I'm sure Loopy would appreciate any bug reports... or at least I hope he would... =)

FEBRUARY 15, 1999

¤ DBoy v0.44a released! (MS-DOS) - Download
I HATE THE PILLSBURY DOUGH BOY!!!!!! (That's what DBoy reminds me of.) As usual, the daily update of DBoy, looks like we have it first today, too.

FEBRUARY 14, 1999

¤To AR Staff:
Just letting all of you new guys know, feel free to update anytime you see something could be updated. It seems that if I don't do anything nothing will get done here. Surely someones got to have some free time. By the way, Happy Valentine's Day, hope you have a good one wherever you are. My friends all went to see Black Sabbath play tonight but I didn't want to go so this is how I waste my time tonight. (What a waste of time it is, too :)

¤ DBoy v0.44 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
Once again, a new version for all you people.

¤ iNES v1.0 released! (Win9x - Registered users only)
Download - (FreeBSD) - (OSF/1) - (Solaris)
  • Rewritten and extended documentation. READ IT!
  • Famicom DiskSystem emulation.
  • VS System emulation.
  • Majorly bugfixed PPU emulation.
  • Completely rewritten mapper code.
  • NES 6502 does not support decimal math.
  • Direct saving of soundtrack to MIDI files.
  • Default palette can be loaded from a file.
  • Speed control in iNES-Windows.
  • Window size/position snapshots in iNES-Windows.
  • Keyboard assignments added to iNES-Windows.
  • Added speed control to iNES-Unix.
  • Removed description of the .SND format.
  • Moved .NES format description to the hardware document.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

¤ NES4PC v0.35 Alpha released! (Win9x) - Download
  • CPU: Converted a very small portion to ASM
  • CPU+Mappers: Changed CPU memory access system that runs mapper 0 games a bit slower, but almost all games with mappers are a _lot_ faster!
  • Mappers: Worked on mappers 9/10 (MMC2/MMC4)
  • Mappers: Added preliminary mapper 90... Still hacking this one apart...
  • PPU: Added Mid-Frame VRAM Write support
  • CPU: Changed counter for clockticks per scanline from double-longint combo to a single BYTE.
  • CPU: Converted Accumulator addressing mode instructions into new implied instructions
  • Graphics: Removed all other graphics engines than scanline since the new mid-frame stuff made the other stuff completely obsolete, and they sucked anyway. It also sped it up a bit to not have the checking for which graphics mode is being used.
  • Graphics: Fixed up a long-time graphics bug where everything was being drawn 8 lines too early.
  • Interface: Downloaded Microangelo 98 and made a spiffy icon for NES4PC!

FEBRUARY 13, 1999

Sega Master System
¤ BrSMS v1.17 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Added "-res 4" (512x384x15 with bilinear filtering). This is the same as ZSNES "interpolation." An MMX processor is recommended.
  • Added "-res6" (512x384x15 with "Parrot" engine). As we say in Brazil, now you all can pay a frog. Parrot is available only for SMS and GG games. An MMX processor is strongly recommended. Thanks to Dirk "Eagle" Stevens for inspiration.
  • Added Game Gear palette raster effects (used in water of GG "Sonic and Tains 2", and in the sky of GG "Space Harier"). Palette raster effects only works in 15-bit color modes (interpolation or Parrot).
  • Rewrote the border engine from scratch again. Now the border is always disabled by default and "-noborder" was removed. To enable the border, use the new switch "-border". This engine has support to border raster effects (used in SMS "Choplifter").
  • Support to SG1000 backdrop color, used in SG1000 "Congo Bongo" and SG1000 "N-Sub". Thanks to Lasse Reinikainen for the ROMS.
  • Support to 40kb ROMs (SG1000 "Monaco GP").
  • Fixed a bug in 3D glasses emulation (SMS "Poseidon Wars 3D"). Thanks to the guys who made the GG compatibility list for the report.
  • Now BrSMS can detect bad dumped roms at startup. If BrSMS gives a warning after loading the rom, then download SMSFIX (will be avilable in this homepage tomorrow) to fix the rom. There are LOTS of bad dumps out there, including SMS "Alex Kidd in Miracle World", SMS "Power Strike", SMS "Zillion" and many more.

FEBRUARY 10, 1999

¤ Look who's back
First off, I'd like to congratulate on the new staff's work on maintaining the site. Not a pretty bad job but they'll get used to it. And I'm finally back because I actually have some free time now to (hopefully) help maintain the site.

¤ Correction.
HU6280 v1.89 Beta2 is not the same as the MS-DOS version. When I looked at the readme file last night, I could not find what was new with that release. So I assumed that it was the same as v1.89 for MS-DOS. Well, as it turns out, there WAS a "What's New" section and I just failed to see it. So I have corrected myself and have added what was new down below.

PC Engine
¤ HU6280 v1.89 Beta3 released! (Win9x) - Download
  • Added sound emulation! (WORKS really nicely on a pII450, forget it if you've got anything less than a pII 266)
  • Fixed another palette bug that somehow cropped in there...
  • Fixed some memory leaks and general bugs... (bounds checker kicks ass)
  • Generally sweetened source code up a bit...

FEBRUARY 9, 1999

PC Engine
¤ HU6280 v1.89 Beta2 released! (Win9x) - Download
The PC Engine emulator HU6280, has been ported to Windows. Here is what's new:
  • NOW USES A 16BIT SCREEN! HOORAY! now we have all 512 pc-engine colours!!!!!
  • Optimized screen dump code & Palette emulation code
  • Fixed palette bug (erk, casting error!)
  • Now added romloading on F1
  • Now added screenshot code (TGA) on F9

Super Nintendo
¤ ZD-SPC v1.80 released! (Win9x) - Download
Just in case you don't know, ZDSPC is a spc player for SNES game music.
  • added a time display
  • lots of bug fixes
  • discarded some of the menu pictures due to slowness
  • fixed up GUI a bit
  • added GUI clicks (ie. double click on filename to edit ID666)
  • added a title bar to ZD-spc
  • fixed minor ID666 bug
  • added some cool features to the tag editor (faster editing)
  • moved playlist button (screwd up some skins, so I moved it)
  • changed default skin
  • fixed up the look of all the buttons, and added a better playlist button (thanx Maxim)
  • decreased program size even more
  • fixed multiple playlist bugs (for example: long filenames)
  • fixed some loading bug
  • starting to add real skin support (region, size, button, position, etc) *not enabled yet*
  • implemented the Zsnes core, just debugging, not available to the public just yet
Refer to the help file included with ZD-spc for more information.

FEBRUARY 8, 1999

Apple ][GS
¤ Bernie ][ The Rescue released! (MacOS) - Download
The Apple IIgs emulator, Bernie ][ The Rescue has been updated to version 2.0.1. This emulator is for the MacOS. MacOS emulation fans, click on the link above to download your copy, sealed in .bin format, for maximum freshness and enjoyment.
I have the right colour now too, LOL. =)

That's nice. And for all you faithful AR watchers, I thought we should mention that the following is new in the new version of Bernie:
  • SpeedNanny bug fixed
  • Marinetti modem hangup problem fixed
  • modifier keys are ignored when Bernie is in the background
  • improved IRQ handling on CPU cycles shortage
  • miscellanous stuff

¤ Management Duties
Well, I must say that running a well-staffed site is going to be interesting. With Roni working part-time at Zoop's EmuCamp (which is cool with me, if anyone is wondering...) and an entire staff of people getting used to a new HTML layout, let's just say I've made quite a few corrections to the updates. The funniest ones have to be the space before the emulator names being part of the link (first the space, then the <A> tag, please) for the past four days, and also all the </DT> tags in the past two days having been replaced by <DT> tags (oops...). This, and Agreas' totally screwing up his own color (out of what hat did you pull #DC00BE, Agreas?), This one! oo| see? =) it was interesting fixing everything. There were quite a few other mistakes corrected. For the fun of it, any observant people want to identify the others? *grin*. Other than that, nice job, AR staff! Keep it up! You're really doing a good job!

Game Boy
¤ DBOY v0.43a-x released! (MS-DOS) - Download
OK, here's some more sarcasm: Attention all lamers!! Get your copy of DBoy from Archaic Ruins!! I have lamer proofed it once again!! Rejoice!! It is now updated way too much and I still don't know what is new!!

FEBRUARY 7, 1999

¤ Hello, everybody!
Heya everybody! My name is Agreas, and I will be helping to maintain Archaic Ruins with the rest of the guys here. I'm looking forward to serving you all to the best of my ability...any comments, concerns, news, feel free to drop me a line. Cheers!

¤ Just for Fun v0.18 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Switched to PMode dos Xtender. Added Mutant Night support.
  • Some improvements in game hardware emulation.

Game Boy
¤ DBOY v0.43 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
A new version of DBOY. Oh yay!! I'm so happy! (I've got to stop with the sarcastic thing :))
Why? I love your sarcasm. =)

¤ uNESsential v0.20 Source released! (MS-DOS) - Download

FEBRUARY 6, 1999

¤ First update!
Yep. I must admit -- this does seem a little strange. Purple. Well, it will help distinguish me from the rest of the members. :) As I am new, this will now be my first update to this wonderful site. I am in charge of the mac emulation section, which I will maintain here, and possibly still maintain on my own site. As Mac emulation news does not happen every day, you may not want to expect updates any more than once a week, although I will try to have information for you as soon as it is released. Thank you for your time and I hope to serve you all well in the future.

FEBRUARY 4, 1999

¤ Shark v3.0 released! (Win9x) - Download
This came out a few days ago but I forgot to update it. There is no homepage and no readme file, but I believe Emucamp has the correct what's new information.

Atari ST
¤ Echo v0.6 released?!?
I found out from some other site while browsing that a new version of Echo was released. I went to the homepage to download the new copy and see what's new. I then noticed when I was checking the zip file that it states inside the file version 0.3. I believe that to be an older version. Maybe the program was updated and the text file forgotten? I don't know. If anyone knows what the deal is with this program please let me know so I can do a proper update to the site.

¤ Funny isn't it?
I noticed something while searching for news yesterday that I forgot to mention here. Did anyone else notice that Dboy v0.40a was posted here on Jan. 29th, and it seems to have come out yesterday at every other emu site in the world? I find that funny since people are so lazy to find the news themselves that they just copy what is new from Emu News and don't think about it. Yet it was offered here for days already. Oh well, I don't even remember if I noticed the Dboy page was updated when I put that up I just remember his version was newer than ours so I put it up. I guess that's a reason to come to Archaic Ruins instead of the others. (I gotta make you people want to come back here somehow :)

Master System
¤ BrSMS v1.17 released to registered users! (MS-DOS)
Please remember folks, it's quick, easy, and free to become a registered user of BrSMS. Just fill out the form (in the archive of any version) and send it in today!
  • added "-res 4" (512x384x15 with bilinear filtering)
  • added "-res 6" (512x384x15 with Parrot engine)
  • Game Gear palette raster effects (GG "Space Harrier", GG "Sonic Tails 2")
  • added "-border" to enable border raster effects (SMS "Choplifter")
  • support to SG1000 backdrop color (SG1000 "Congo Bongo", SG1000 "N-Sub")
  • support to 40kb ROMs (SG1000 "Monaco GP")
  • fixed a bug in 3D glasses emulation (SMS "Poseidon Wars 3D")
  • now BrSMS can detect bad dumps

Nintendo 64
¤ TrueReality v1999020200 released! (Unix) - Download
  • fixed native debugging messages

FEBRUARY 3, 1999

¤ Once again...
Just thought I would post here again about my e-mail address since somehow it got changed on this page again. My romaroni@kingfoo.net account does not work. So please send all mail to me to j-loco@oco.net. Thanks.

Nintendo 64
¤ Nemu64 v0.009 released! (Win9x) - Download
I didn't release Nemu64 for some days because I was very busy with school. Good news for you is that I won't drop my emu because there is a working n64 emu out. I think my emu will one day be as good as the current UltraHLE.

But thats future.

For now the following is new:

  • much faster due to a hack
  • more RSP, no results yet
  • did some more cpu and cop1 opcodes, now almost all important opcodes are implemented
  • implemented automatic crc fix
  • changed many internal things
  • speed increased again
  • bugfixes....(for example rpa bug is fixed)

¤ PSEmu Pro v1.0.21 beta released! (Win9x) - Download
  • CD XA audio finally works ..in most cases
  • New CDR plugin using Peter Barrett (Psyke's) CD-ROM routines.
  • This plugin is best suited for IDE CD-ROMs when XA audio is enabled (less CPU usage)
  • New version of kazzuya's DirectSound and GamePad plugins
  • Improved compatibility
  • Improved debugging: PSEmu will notify if a GPU plugin is the source of a crash
Also take note that this is an upgrade from v1.0.20. You must have v1.0.20 for this to work.

¤ Duddie Leaves PSEmu
Here is Duddie's statement from PSEmu's website:
"Hi all lovers of PSEmu, the stream of life flows and causes things to change. So this moment had to happen sooner or later, but it happens today. I'm leaving PSEmu and am starting a new life. Of course I'm not leaving all of you dear emulator fans, and I'm not leaving my friends. I just have to leave PSEmu due to the fact that it will collide with a future job. Speaking of emulation, it became strange in the last days, and it turned into a flame war of rom beggers, pirates, thieves, etc. Those people can ruin everything, especially since I, as emu author, know how much work it costs. We do things for free, killing our social life, spending every free minute on exploring the meaning of one bit (which sometimes takes hundreds hours). But people dont appreciate this work, and simply dont understand this style of life. Actually I'm addicted to emulating, but I think that reading of those lame postingson News Services will get me out soon from this. It became strange. People only want new versions, want toplay games, that they never bought, and they usually send 'rude words' in emails, about their favourite game not working on the emulator. I personally have a PlayStation and I play on this. PSEmu was made only to broaden my horizon and to learn more. If it satisfied people on this planet, then I'm happy.If they are not satisfied with PSEmu, I dont care. I wish all my friends and enemies, everything good. Just try to clean up the scene, or if you are not interested in living in clear environment, just continue this lame war, buy a bigger nuke, and blow yourself up.

With Best Regards, Duddie ex. PSEmu author"
PSEmu will continue to be developed by Kazzuya.

FEBRUARY 1, 1999

¤ Just adding a new staff member. =)
I may be adding several over the next few days. If the last update date changes and has my color, but there are no obvious updates, I probably added someone.

¤ Stepping Up :)
Senior Maintainer...wow...I am a king :) Anyway, I would like to welcome our new staff members to AR. I hope you guys enjoy working for us. I know I will enjoy the help. Also, I have taken UltraHLE off the server (by request of the authors) and don't ask me for it. Hopefully the other people who have been hired will soon respond so we can have the quickest updated emu site out there. (Hopefully...) Oh ya, I know something you don't know!! (Reference to Luke's post below). Have a nice day.

¤ Raine v0.18 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Added 26 playable games: 64th Street, Astyanax, Asuka and Asuka, Avenging Spirit, Bubble Symphony,Cadash Italian, Camel Try, Combatribes, Cybattler, Earth Defence Force, Hachoo, Legend of Makaj, Maze of Flott, P-47 American, P-47 Japanese, Phantasm, Pipi and Bibi's, Plotting, Plus Alpha, Puchi Carat, Puzzle Bobble 2x, Rodland English, Saint Dragon, Snow Bros 2, Tatsujin 2 / Truxton 2, Whoopee
  • Zip support is now internal (using zLib/miniunzip source).
  • YM2151 engine optimized a bit (apx 10% faster).
  • YM2610 engine optimized a bit (apx 30% faster).
  • The 256x240 mode-x mode is now stretched to full screen. Thanks to Dark Force and FanWen for the code. Thanks to Interceptor for suggesting it.
  • Added 12 new vesa modes: 640x100/120/150/160/200/240 800x150/200/300 1024x192/256/384. Some useful modes for 2/3 Screen games! Thanks to Dark Force.
  • Changed adpcm sound emulation to be more accurate in Technos games and Zero Zone.
  • Deprotected Jaleco 68k roms. Hopefully 100%.
  • Added Darius Dipswitches. Thanks to mutewitness.
  • Fixed sprite banking in Growl/Ninja Kids, thanks to Brad Oliver.
  • Added Starscream 0.25 (faster). Thanks as always to Neill Corlett.
  • Doubled music speed in Terra Force and Armed Formation. Thanks to Jim Hernandez for the info.
  • Compiled with new Seal 1.06 and Allegro 3.1. This should fix some joystick problems, also the SnesPad support has changed, because allegro supports SnesPads now.
  • Changed joystick and screen mode values in config file/command line, this is due to syntax changes in allegro 3.1.
  • Some hacks to improve the sprites in Rainbow Islands Extra. The C-Chip data is different to Jumping Islands and Rainbow Islands Original...
  • Lots of internal code changes/improvements. This caused a lot of retesting, and it was unreleasable over xmas...
  • Added fixed sound rom for Thunder Fox (if you want sound, a new rom is required).
  • Added fixed sample roms for Final Blow (if you want sound, 2 new roms are required).
  • Added software YM3812 emulator, provided by Carl-Henrik Skaarstedt/DSC!
  • Added sample rate and YM3812 switches in gui.
  • Added faster code to draw ingame messages.
  • Added quick rtdsc profiler, press ingame F11 to switch to it.
  • Added YM2610 in Space Gun.
  • Added Translation file support for 90% of the text in raine.
  • Added support for more than 2 dipswitch banks (eg. Toaplan games have 3 dsw banks).
  • Added Eagle 0.41, thx Dirk.
  • Fix for Rainbow Islands sometimes dropping music.
  • Added more game cheats from JCK/The Ultimate Patchers (cheats from mame).
  • YM2151 sound in WrestleFest, WWF SuperStars, Double Dragon 3.
  • Added FG0 gfx and scrolling in Plotting.
Changes from Hiromitsu Shioya:
  • Added much better M6295 emulator with sample bank switching support.
  • Added much better MSM5205 emulation for Darius.
  • Added new versions of fm.c source, ym2610 emulator is now merged in fm.c.
  • Switched YM2203 emulation to fm.c.
  • Improve sound streaming support. Added resync if it falls behind.
  • Fixed screen size for Darius 2 and Ninja Warriors.
  • Fixed colour port bug in 3 screen games.
  • Fixed sample rom mapping and z80 speed in most Taito ym2610 games.
  • Changed some Taito games from ym2610 - ym2610b (ym2610b has more fm channels).
  • Many fixes to Taito, Jaleco and Technos sound emulation.
Changes from others:
  • Richard Mitton added emulation of Plotting.
  • Jim Hernandez improved sound frequency in Nichibutsu games.
  • Jim Hernandez improved sound frequency and volumes in Jaleco games.

¤ NESem v0.10 released! (MS-DOS) - Download - Source
A new NES emulator by the author of NES4PC!!
  • Emu: Everything. First version!

¤ uNESsential v0.20 released! (MS-DOS) - Download
  • Scrolling
  • Fixed huge timing bug
  • Palette emulation
  • Page Up/Page Down can be used in file requester (buggy)
  • Opcode SBC fixed.
  • Frameskipping.

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